ClassIn Product introduction

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ClassIn is a revolutionary interactive online education platform that sets the standard for quality and innovation in online education. Its intuitive interface puts a multitude of cutting-edge features at your fingertips, enabling you to get your classes online quickly while also allowing you to create an unparalleled learning experience for your students.

ClassIn’s online classroom features a collaborative interactive whiteboard so that you and your students can work together in real-time to create a multitude of documents. ClassIn’s 16-channel real-time audio and video capabilities ensure clear, seamless communication between you and your students, as well as allowing you to create high fidelity multimedia activities for your classroom. The ClassIn Cloud and its comprehensive file support let you load a wide variety of document formats directly into your classroom. Finally, ClassIn’s distributed network supports over two million simultaneous users, which guarantees you’ll enjoy a fast, stable connection no matter where in the world you are.


ClassIn is the online education platform of choice for over 6,000 clients. Our client list includes global education leaders like Udacity and Pearson, renowned universities like Peking University and the University of Maryland, major corporations like Microsoft and ByteDance (creator of TikTok), as well as Chinese education giants like New Oriental and TAL Education Group.